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The Models---Aircraft

The manufacturers of the 1/48 scale aircraft models used in the war will be listed on this page. The air forces of both sides finished converting to jet aircraft in 1978. I have over 400 1/48th scale prop aircraft in storage.

The EA-6B Prowlers are MPC, Monogram and Airfix kits. The Airfix kit is made from the old MPC molds. Airfix seems to do this alot their Saab JA37 kits are the old Esci molds.

The ES-3A are AMT kits. The refueling pods that came with these kits arhung on the centerline racks of F18-C and A6-A aircraft.

The RF-8A are scratch built using F8-A kits bought long ago from ESCI. I remove the gun ports and install camera windows which are plastic back painted black. I have now added more RF-8 units by converting older F8U-1 kits from Lindberg. One of these conversions can be seen here Action 66

The RF-4C units are Testors kits. All carry Sidewinders on one wing station and AQL pods on another.

The RA-5C are nice Trumpeter models.

The RF-101D aircraft are Monogram RF101B with the nose area shortened to remove the second seat and the camera windows redone.

The RF-84s are Heller kits.

The EF-18 Growlers are by Italeri and entered Green Air Force service in July 2006. They are replacing EF-111A aircraft.

The F9F-5R kits are from Monogram.

The OV-1A Mohawks are Roden kits from the Ukraine they are
assigned to the Green Army.

The O-1A Skymasters are from Testors. They are assigned to the Green Army and used as FAC aircraft.

The F-84F  are 2 different Monogram kits.

The B-57B  Canberras are a great new kit from Classic Airframes.

The KA-6D are Fujimi A6-A and Revell A6-E kits with the refueling pods from the AMT EA-3A kits added. I have now as of 02/04 decided to reconfigure all the Intruders back into attack configuration
as A6-A and A6-E and hang the refueling pods on the centerline of a few
A-6A and A/F-18 aircraft used in the attack role.

The Mig-29 are Monogram.

The SU-25 are OEZ and Monogram.

The F-15A/C are a mix of old Fujimi kits and Monogram kits. They are all A or C models since I use this aircraft only as a fighter I have not added the E model.

The F4-E units are mostly 1970s Fujimi kits with a few from Revell.

The F4-G are AMT and Testors kits.

The F105-F and F105-D are Monogram kits.

The A7-D units are Aurora kits I purchased in the 1970s and 12 I just purchased on ebay. They are very sturdy and have never lost a part in more than 40 years in the woods.
I have now added several A7-E from monogram.

The Vautour, Etendard, Magister and GR91 units are all old Heller kits in what may be 1/50 scale.

The Tornado aircraft are half old ESCI kits, the others Italeri and Airfix kits.
There are now ECR versions by Italeri but I use them as attack aircraft.

The Jaguar units are ESCI and Heller kits.

The Kafir are old ESCI kits.

The SU-7 units are ESCI and OEZ Czech kits.

The Mig19 and Mig17 units are kits I bought on a trip to Japan they come from China but I did not know the maker until they were realeased in the U.S. they are AA kits. I now have added a few Mig19s from Trumpeter. The Mig 17s carry wing tanks from old Hawk P51D kits which surprizingly look just right.

The SU-22 are KP Czech kits.

The F-5A and F-5B are old Fujimi kits. The F5B kits have been converted to recon.

The F-5E and F-20 are Monogram kits.

The Mirage III models are a mix of old Fujimi kits and the same kit from Academy plus a few from ESCI. The Mirage III was the first jet aircraft to enter service with either air force followed quickly by the F4-E. That was in 1971 when Fujimi released both kits. All the aircraft in that first buy are still flying.

The Mirage IIIR kits are Fujimi.and Academy (same molds)

The Mirage V kits are ESCI.

The Mirage 2000   are Monogram 2 different  kits.

The Mirage IV P   are Heller kits.

The Mirage F1   are an older ESCI kit.

The C47 models are Monogram Sky Train kits and 2 Monogram DC-3 kits.

The AV-8B, F106,  F117, F86, F89 and A37-B kits are all Monogram. A few AV8B kits are RevelI snap-tite kits. I have several Monogram AV-8A in storage. The F86s have been modified to carry Sidewinders.

The Mig21 units are an older Revell kit.

The Mig25 units came in a combo pack from Revell each also contained an F15. I traded the F15s for other kits. I have now added Mig25s from Lindberg,

The Raphale kits are Revell they are all the M version.

The Mig27 kits are from Minicraft and ESCI.   

The F111-E units are Mongram kits.  

The EF111-A kits are Academy.

The F22 and EF2000 Typhoon kits are from Italeri with a few F22 kits from Testors. The Typhoons are both single and two seat kits.

The A10 kits are Tamiya and Revell.

The C130 aircraft are Testors.

The F-14 units are Testors, Fujimi and Monogram kits.
As of 03/01/07 all have been reconfigured as Bomb Cats and are in an attack squadron

The V22 units are Testors kits. The V22 has not done well in my war, I have doubts about its real world service outcome.

The F16 aircraft are Monogram, Testors, Italeri, Esci,  Academy, Hasegawa,  ARII, Revell and Kangnam kits in the A,C and D (Viper) versions. None are Thunderbird kits. The Revell snap-tite kit in 1/48 #6297 that was around for a short time came with a night attack pod and two bombs on pylons. Since I use F16s only as fighters some A/F18s are carrying those pods and bombs.

The F-18 and A/F-18 aircraft are Monogram, Revell, Testors, Italeri, AMT and Hasagawa kits. Some are the Testors RF-18D model. I mount the camera windows on Monogram kits and use the Testors kits as fighters. A few are built as the 2 seat Testors kit. Several of the F18s carry refueling pods from ES-3A kits on their centerline rack. Because the Gray Air Force has recieved so many new first line fighters I have been buying lots of new F-18 kits. Many are the the F-18E Super Hornets from Italeri and Revell.

The F-100s are a mix of old Lindberg, Aurora, ESCI and Monogram kits.

The A4-F are Fujimi kits, the A4-E are Fujimi and Monogram kits.

The F-104 kits are ESCI, and Monogram all the C version. All have had under wing fuel tanks added.

The BAe Hawk is a Premier kit.

The Mitsubishi F-1 are Hasagawa kits.

The Chinese A5C attack aircraft are AA kits.

The SAAB J35 Draken's are very old Lindberg and Adams kits (same molds). They have center fuel tanks and inner pylon sidewinders added.

The Hawker Hunters are Lindberg kits although one is an old MPC kit using the same molds and listed as 1/50 scale.

The F2H-2 Banshees are Hawk and Testors kits (same molds). They are used every year being flown by pilots from various squadrons.

The F80 kits are Monogram.

The SU27-B, SU27-UB and SU35 aircraft are all Zhengdefu kits.
All are built as fighters.

The F4D-1 Skyrays are Lindberg and Tamiya. One Lindberg is the Green Air Force
commanders personal aircraft. This is built like the Tamiya kit with sidewinders on inner pylons and the nose rounded and can be seen here Action 64

The Buccaneer S2B kits are from Airfix.

The RT-33A is from Minicraft. Is has all the camera windows in clear plastic back painted black rather than the decals that came with the kit.

The EE Lightning MK3s are Airfix kits. They are built to Mk6 specs with the nose cannons. One is the Gray Air Force commanders personal aircraft whic can be seen in action here. Action 64

The Saab Viggen JA37s and AJ37s are ESCI and Airfix kits (same molds I think).. The AJ37s are built as JA37s because I only use these as fighters.

The C-21B (Lear 35) kit is by Hasagawa. The C-21A (Learjet) is from Testors. These aircraft are assigned to the Green Army rather than the Air Force. They transport high ranking officers.

The U-64A Norseman, U-1A Otter and U-6A Beaver kits are all made by
Hobby Craft. They are assigned to the Green Army and used for local transport and oversight by division and corps commanders. The Norseman is on floats and has been used to insert special forces teams along the stream.

The Grumman Goose  are from Lindberg.

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