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The Models----Vehicles

I have received many E-mails asking for information about the models, who makes them and where I buy them.. This list covers the manufacturers of the vehicles. I was one of the first cutomers of the Squadron Shop in 1968 and still deal with them when their monthly sales brochure has a good deal. I buy many kits online from Scale Hobbyist and on E Bay. I purchased many 21st Century vehicles at Wal Mart while they carried them. I browse online model shops looking for sales. Most of the vehicles are in 1/35th scale with a large number of 1/32 scale mixed in. A very few such as the M40s are 1/40 scale. The old Revell Black Magic Shermans are listed as 1/40 but are the same size as the Monogram Sherman in 1/32. Many of the barrels on guns 20mm and up are replaced with brass.

I have been adding boats to the Green Army for the first time since the late 1950s. They are attached to the 6th Marine Division but operate with many units along the stream. The light seal support craft are operated by the green army special forces group.The boat models will be listed at the bottom of this page. It is interesting that the LCVP and PT kits by Lindburg are the exact ones I bought in the 1950s.

The half tracks M3A1, M16 and M20 kits in the Green Army are 80% from Monogram in 1/32. The rest are Tamiya. Some of them have been in the army since the mid 1950s. Most are at least 35 years old. I have now added
new half tracks from 21st Century in 1/32 this company makes great models both kits and pre-built.

The M4 Sherman tanks are from Monogram, Tamiya, MP, Academy, Revell, DML, New Ray, Italeri and 21st Century (motor works)in many marks.  About 50% are the Monogram hedgehog and screaming mimmie kits in 1/32 scale. The E8 kits are Academy and Tamiya kits. The Jumbos are Tamiya. The M50 kits are from MP and DML. The oldest are twelve Black Magic by Revell purchased in the 1950s the scale is suposed to be 1/40 but they are as large as the Monogram tanks. Many of the older M4s have been up gunned to 76mm or 90mm. All the latest Shermans added to the war are from 21st Century and the new Monogram re-release. The M32 kits are Italeri.

The M26Pershing kits are Tamiya and DML. I am buying many more of them.

The remaining M48 Tanks are all Monogram 1/32 scale purchased in the 1960s. They have all been up gunned to 105mm. I have many extra hulls and have converted some to M247 units with scratch built turrets using extra twin 40mm guns from unused Renwal M42 kits. 2 of the M247s shown on theAction 62 picture page are these scratch built conversions.

The Dodge Command Cars are Peerless Max, Italeri and Testors kits.
All seem to be from the same molds.

The Dodge Ambulances are Peerless Max kits. The ambulances have all been converted to radar vans to control the Hawk missile batteries.

The M60A1 tanks are Tamiya, ESCI, AMT and Trumpeter. The ones from ESCI came with reactive armor. I have added scratch built reactive armor to many. A good picture page to see M60A1 tanks is Action 49 The oldest are early Tamiya purchased starting in 1969. I have several(6) M60A2 tanks in use from Tamiya but these are being phased out.

The Jeeps are mostly Monogram, many are the CJ7 snap tite kits but most are the old Monogram kit that came with a 37mm gun I have 34 of those 37mm guns in storage. A few are Monogram/Revell that came with *Mash* kits. It is the same jeep mold as the old Mongram. I have added 15 nice metal and plastic jeeps from New Ray (one of their few models in true 1/32 scale). There are a few Mutts with Tow mounts from Academy. There are also several quads and many motorcycles in 1/32 scale used by the Green Army special forces units.

The Ontos vehicles are old Renwal in 1/32 scale. These are the what remains from the case of 24 ontos I bought in the late 1950s at the Renwal factory on Long Island. I have a few Sky Sweeper AA and M41 kits from Renwal to but don't use them.

The T55s are mostly early Tamiya Mokie models and a few AMT. The early ones came with rubber track which is long gone and replaced with plastic.

The T80s are equally divided between Lindberg and DML.

The HEMTT 977 and 978 trucks are Italeri.

The DUKW trucks are Italeri in two versions but I don't mount the 105mm

The Swedish Strv 103B and 103C tanks are Trumpeter.

The AS-90 SP 155mm artillery are Trumpeter.

The Green Army artillery are a mixed group. The older M7 Priests are Italeri kits the newer ones are a great model by 21st Century. The M107s, M109s and M110s are Italeri and Testors. The M109s are in 2 versions. The M40s are old Adams and Life Like kits in 1/40 scale from the 1950s. The older towed 155mm guns are Peerless Max and Testors. The newer towed 155mm and 8 inch guns are Century 21. The towed 105mm are from Dukw kits in 1/35 and old Adams kits in 1/40 and are in reserve. The MLRS are Dragon.

The V 100 armored scout cars are Verlinden they serve with the air force air police units.The LAV 150 armored scout cars are Hobby Boss

The Hummvees and LAVs are ESCI, Italeri and AMT kits. Both the LAVs and Hummvees are in many versions including AA, avenger, mortar carriers, gun turret, command vehicle, special forces types and Tow anti tank.

The M2, M3 Bradleys are evenly split between Tamiya and Academy kits. All the 25mm barrels on all have been replaced with brass

The M2A2 Bradleys are Lee, Tamiya and Modelcraft kits. All the 25mm barrels on all have been replaced with brass.

The M551 kits are all old Tamiya. To see how worn they look from being in the forest all these years you might want to look at this Action 2 photo page.

Most of the M247s are Tamiya kits a few are scratch built using old Monogram M48 hulls with scratch built turrets mounting twin 40mm guns from old Renwal duster kits. As noted above 2 of the M247s shown on the Action 62 picture page are these scratch built conversions.

The Hanamog 251 kits are very old Nitto and from Tamiya and Revell. The Nitto kits came with rubber tread and tires.

The Katusha kits are all Revell.

The AMX 30 tanks, AMX 13 tanks, AMX 13 APC and AMX 13 AA are all Heller kits I think. All except the AMX 30 are very old. They came with rubber tread since replaced.

The LeClerc tanks are Minicraft.

The Panzer MK IV Tanks, Sturmgeshutz, Wirblewind, Brumbar and Flakpanzer kits are all old Monogram 1/32 units. All of the Brumbar kits have been converted to self propelled 155mm with guns from old Life Like Long Tom kits and scratch built muzzel brakes. This conversion can be seen on the Action 58 picture page. There are now new MK IV tanks from 21st Century in 1/32 they are great models.

The M20 and M8 scout cars are old Monogram 1/32 kits from the 1960s.

The M3A1 scout cars are from Peerless Max, Italeri, Testors, Zvezda and Alan. All these kits seem to be from the same molds.

The Jagd Panther and Jagd Tiger units are Tamiya kits. Some 50 year old Mokie versions.

The Elephant kits are Italeri.

The Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel kits are from Dragon in two versions.

The MK V Panther tanks are Tamiya
and now new ones from 21st Century in 1/32.

The Tiger I kits are Tamiya Mokie with a few new ones from Academy.

The Tiger II kits are Tamiya plus the New Ray and 21st Century die cast ones in 1/32. All are amazingly exactly the same size.

The Frog missile units are Glenco 1/32 kits.  

The Scud units are DML kits.

The Leopard I and IA4 tanks are Tamiya and Italeri. The Leopard 2 tanks are ESCI, Italeri, Lee and  AMT.

The M1 tanks are from Tamiya. The M1A1 kits are from ESCI, AMT, Dragon, DML, Academy, Trumpeter, Hobby Craft and Tamiya. Many of the M1A1 kits are HA some have mine plows or mine rollers.

The M1A2 kits are Tamiya, Trumpeter and Hobby Craft. I am trying to add at least 20 of these each year.

The T72 / T74 tanks are AMT, ESCI, Dragon, DML and Tamiya kits.

The T62 kits are Tamiya.

The T34 tanks are Tamiya kits. All are the 76mm version.

Most of the earlySA6 units are scratch built on Glenco T76 and BTR50 1/32 hulls. Now that there is a Trumpeter model out of this type I have been adding them.

Most of the SA2 units are scratch built using old Renwal Nike kits. I have now added several Trumpeter SA2 units.

The BRDM SA9 kits are DML.

The BMP1 / 2 MICV kits are DML, Lindberg, Esci, Dragon and AMT.

The Challenger tanks are LEE and Tamiya kits. I add many each year.

The Centurian tanks are Nichimo older kits that came with 105 mm guns, they came with rubber tread since replaced. There are a few from Tamiya.

The Chieftian tanks are from Academy and Tamiya.

The modern Marder IFV kits in several marks are Tamiya.

The Gephard AA are Tamiya kits plus a few from Heller.

The Warrior kits are Academy.

The Charioteers are old Nichimo kits. They came with rubber tread.

The M113 kits in five versions are from Tamiya  M113, M113 ACAV, M106 mortar carrier, M577 command post car and the fire support type. Some are FIST conversions using the Tow launchers from LAV kits.

Most of the M163 kits are Italeri. A few are Verlinden conversions of the Tamiya M113.

The M18 kits are Academy and AFC Club. I have now added many in 1/32 from 21st century.

The skf 222 scout cars are Tamiya and Lindberg kits.

The skf 234 armored cars are very old Monogram 1/32 kits.

The Puma armored cars are two companies. The newest are Italeri. The older ones from 1969 are Nitto kits. They came with rubber tires.

The JDF type 61, JDF type 74 and Merkava tanks are all Tamiya kits.

The skf 8 tracks and flak 88mm are Tamiya kits.

The Russian 76mm and 100mm towed anti-tank guns are Italeri kits as are the German 7.5 AT guns.

The ZSU 4 are DML kits.

The M10 and M36 kits are mostly very old Tamiya kits with a few from Academy and AFC Club. Some of the Tamiya are old Mokie

The M24 tanks are Italeri and many great new ones from 21st Century in 1/32.

The Marder II and Hertzer kits are Italeri.

The Abbot sp 105mm kits are old Nichimo. They came with rubber tread since replaced.

The Saladin Armored cars are old pre-tamiya company kits with rubber tires.  All have been upgunned to 90mm. They came with motors.

The LVTP7A1 units are Tamiya kits.

The Hawk missile units are old Adams 1/40, Renwal 1/32 and Revell 1/40  kits.

The panzer and sturmgeshutz Mk III are Tamiya kits and great new ones from 21sr Century.

The Humber staff cars are Airfix.

The Horch kits are from Tamiya, Italeri, Testors and Revell in 2 versions.

The Kublewagons kits are from Tamiya, in 2 versions.


The LCVPs are all by Lindberg in 1/32. It is the same kit I bought in the late 1950s. All the 30 cal machine guns are replaced by .50 cal.

The UDT boat is by Revell in 1/32.

The PBRs are Tamiya Pibber kits in 1/35.

The Patrol Torpedo Boats & quot;PT" are Lindberg and Italeri in 1/32. They have been built as a gun boats with four 50cal, two 20mm, one 37mm, one 40mm guns and no torpedo tubes.

The LSSC "light seal support craft" are Dragon kits in 1/35. They are operated by the green army special forces group.