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The War In Pictures

Action 61

A friend just sent me these pictures he took of Green Army units in the field.
Pictures were taken in Salem NY early fall 1970.


The troops pictured come from the Green 5th Infantry, 3rd Armored and 2nd Armored Divisions.
There is also one picture of a Green Air Force base. The army at this point was much smaller
than it is today. These are not good pictures but they give a feeling of what the army was like
30 years ago. At this point I was not painting much of the armor and air bases were very rough.

Command vehicle of the 5th Infantry comanded at that time by Major General Bendove
who as General Bendove has commanded the 4th Army for all the West Fulton wars.
At this point I was sculpting the general officers without the battle dress I now use.
They actualy had thier medals on. Of course this has all changed now.

General Bendove talking to the commander of an MP company.

Part of a Green Air Force base in 1970

Units on the move


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